A Quest to Stabilize My Self Worth

This essay is my quest to stabilize my self worth. What I realized is that I have to shift from deriving self worth from external validation to internal validation. In Aristotle’s words, it means to “live in accordance with your values”. I need to stop chasing results and start faithfully follow the process to be good, to myself and to the world.

Your coastal 20-something archetype

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We are self-important, self-absorbed. We believe we are special. We are going to single-handedly change the world.

The ego is screaming for attention: feed me more, feed me more…

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Tame the ego

For anyone who has achieved any bit of success in their lives, we are fundamentally ordinary people who have gotten lucky with our genes, upbringing, education, social relations, even country of origin. There is nothing extraordinary about us.

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Where does my self worth come from?

To break the cycle, I know I need to start evaluating myself based on my own approval. Would I feel proud of myself, regardless of what happens to me?

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Internalize self worth

1. Figure out my core values. What do I believe in?

2. What actions can I take to embody these values?

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