Crossing the Liberal-Conservative Chasm

Me: “did this make sense at all?”

Him: “well, not really… xyz.”

Me: eye roll

New Yorker, by Frank Cotham

The divide

The righteous mind by Jonathan Haidt
The righteous mind by Jonathan Haidt

Why this divide?

The dance of the Yin & Yang

Both the liberals and the conservatives have stuff they get right, stuff they get wrong. The debates between the liberal and the conservatives isn’t about finding the winner, but about the dance of the yin and the yang, seeking that perfect balance.

Cross the chasm

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

If you are a W.E.I.R.Do like me, we are the statistical outliers. We are the well-educated ones in society and hence carry disproportionate responsibilities to make it better. To cross the chasm, we not only need to open our minds but also to open our hearts. We need to actively seek to understand and humanize “the other”. We need to listen to why others disagree and ask questions. We need to stop debating using reason and address the emotion and the intuition that’s talking in the other person. Maybe we are all the same in the end, hoping to be healthy, safe, and loved.

1. Can humanity ever unite as “one” without “the other”?

2. What’s the effect of individual spiritual enlightenment on society? Can this be the driving force in an increasingly atheist world?

3. Diversity seems to be both good and bad: good for a group to improve its values, bad for social cohesion and might result in degradation of moral capital. Should we promote diversity but at a slower pace so that people have the space and time to integrate?



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